TrickTrades Is Re-Inventing The Online Education Space

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TrickTrades Is Re-Inventing The Online Education Space

July 30
18:25 2021
Ordinary people that are stuck at home, been laid-off due to the ongoing worldwide conditions, or are looking for their own version of freedom have found a new way to become self-sufficient with TrickTrades and it can provide a full-time income for their family and loved ones.

Pat Mitchell, CEO and founder of had a rough upbringing his whole life. A Canadien native, he got caught up in the usual things that adolescents do but in his case it was multiplied by a thousand.

After wandering aimlessly and getting in trouble most of his teenage years he decided to set himself straight and earn a productive and potentially lucrative living in the oil fields of Alberta Canada. 

He became a blue collar pipeline welder and after mastering his craft, he started his own rig and became self-employed… pursuing job after job. 

According to Pat he says… ”The money was great while the jobs were there. But the problem with the oil industry is that workers are slaves to the oil market. If there’s any type of slow down or if the market crashes… guess what… no more jobs… no more money.”

After a while, Pat started to resent the very field of work that he thought would make him a living. He hated the fact he was solely reliant on “suits and ties” that have no idea what it’s like to work in the oil fields but they were calling the shots, and in fact were the very ones that determined and dictated the money that he could make…not his hard work.

Pat had enough.  

Once he came to this realization he was determined to never let anyone dictate what type of life he lives and what type of salary he can make. 

He was fascinated by the stock market and for months and months he just stared at stock charts and studied hours and hours a day trying to find an advantage to make some side money while he worked the oil fields. 

He finally took his first trade and for a while he did ok, but as Pat says… ”Everybody blows up their first account trying to learn how to trade stocks.” 

He blew up multiple accounts and he was down to his last few thousand dollars when hard work and determination finally paid off and he started making money from patterns he saw kept repeating off of certain support and resistance levels.  

He became so good at it that he finally decided to make the leap into becoming a full-time trader and quit his welding job in the oil fields.

It wasn’t easy though as he remembers… ”My girlfriend and I could only eat mac and cheese once a day for months because I was so determined to baby my account and build it up so I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of money. We rationed everything and it was really hard… but failure wasn’t an option.” 

Over the course of a year Pat fine-tuned his strategy and became so successful that he started posting on social media. He organically gained thousands of followers that watched him grow as a trader. Soon they started asking questions and Pat started teaching people his strategy without even realizing he was actually teaching. 

One day a random follower told Pat he was so good at trading that he should start his own “room”. And by saying a “room” he meant a teaching service.

Pat was oblivious to any type of technology about building websites or services and he basically had to learn by trial and error. 

With the help of some generous followers, he learned step-by-step how to build an educational website with all the backend applications that it takes to create his own platform to teach from. 

He started his website with $30.  

The rest they say, is history.

It has become THE place to go for new and struggling traders to learn the craft of the market. is considered the Ivy League of the online education space.

Just check out what his students have to say by going here…

He has garnered a huge following on social media and amazing feedback that can be seen on Trust Pilot here…

As Pat says… ”When people’s hard earned money is on the line I think they need to ask themselves would they rather learn to trade from a nursery school or from Harvard? TrickTrades takes ordinary people and turns them into beasts of the market.”

People that are interested can go to…

As Pat says…It has the potential to change people’s lives!

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