Exclusive Interview with Awakening Starseeds Best Selling Author, Raziel Arcega

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Exclusive Interview with Awakening Starseeds Best Selling Author, Raziel Arcega

July 30
12:25 2021

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Ever since I can remember I have a fascination about the mystical, and had questions in my head where we came from, why we are here, what is out there, what other existence besides us exist, what is really in those stars we see from miles away, and many more hard to answer questions or so it seems. I was very quiet and timid as a little girl. I remember I most often observe and absorb emotions a lot. I felt like I understood more as a kid, I felt like an old soul. As I grew, I got fascinated with angels especially after finding out that my name was one of the guardian angels – Angel Raziel – keeper of the secrets of God. I almost lost my life twice when I was younger so I know I have a soul purpose here. I had an inner knowing and would rather heal myself with whatever natural remedies. As I learned more about our natural abilities to heal and how much nature has given us as medicine, I was intrigued and immersed myself in natural foods, functional foods and medicine, holistic modalities, and brain, body studies. I went through life in a roundabout way healing myself in my “practice” in marketing and relationship building, got myself out of my shell and found a voice, creating events that will inspire health and wellness, learning natural health remedies and fitness regimen and discovering fascinating lives through the people I meet, especially when I met Radhaa Nilia of Radhaa Publishing House.

Tell your readers briefly about your written story. 

I really feel that there is more to life than we were taught. I was looking for a better way and found answers through energy work, particularly with Maya the Shaman.

What inspired you to be a co-author, to write, and contribute to this collaborative book series of Awakening Starseeds?

My inner knowing that there is more out there than humans tend to believe. That there is a beautiful space in the spiritual world that we need to tap into. As I awaken to who I truly am, a light being, and to my purpose, shed light and healing to those around me, I want the world to know how I have conquered my past, to fully live in a beautiful present and how we are all gifted with an abundant life.

We all have a story to tell and I appreciate the love, healing and encouragement plus the supportive community they built. Radhaa Publishing House team made everything easy, relaxed and a joy to have a creative space to nurture my writing abilities.

What was the best part of this whole experience? 

Radhaa Publishing House creates a very supportive community and they let you Shine…BRIGHTLY! The best part is you get to share your story in a way that will bring some healing to yourself and other Starseeds. What stood out the most is their own passion to get people to recognize their own path of healing, enlightenment and passion for life towards full expression through storytelling.

Why do you feel it’s so vital to be true to the voice of your soul? 

Life is a journey and not two are the same. I deeply felt that I had so much more in me that isn’t expressed and we need a supportive group to be able to do this work.  We also must recognize we have a responsibility, as part of the collective, to be true to ourselves and take back our own true power as light beings with a purpose to help others do the same. The world will be so much better with more love, compassion, and respect to ourselves and for those around us.  It makes life so much richer.

What would you tell anyone who might be interested in being a part of Awakening Starseeds? 

You know if you are being called! You will resonate to the work if you know you have come this far and have a sacred story to tell. Radhaa Publishing House team is great at recognizing and encouraging you for your talents and abilities and they let you get the courage to be able to fully express your truest self.  

I have gotten the courage to not be afraid to speak my truth and open myself to ask for help when I need it. That is what Radhaa Publishing has done for me. They helped me fully express my writings into manifestations and I am grateful for this! Yes, Radhaa Publishing House made it easy and effortless for me to step into my writing power with their guidance. You too will experience this. Thank you Radhaa Publishing House!

Lastly, where can readers find you? Please share your links 🙂


Awakening Starseeds, Volume 2. is out NOW! Grab a copy of the book HERE: 

Kindle Edition: https://amzn.to/3hzyfw7

Barnes and Noble: https://bit.ly/3wVz4VC

Radhaa Publishing House: https://linktr.ee/RadhaaPublishingHouse

Radhaa Publishing House Youtube: https://bit.ly/3rJ1UaX

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