What Is The PVC Blister Process? Information about Plastic Processing Technology

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What Is The PVC Blister Process? Information about Plastic Processing Technology

July 29
22:03 2021

Pvc blister is a plastic processing technology, the main principle is to heat the spreading pvc plastic sheet, then become soft, then use vacuum adsorption on the surface of the mould, after cooling, and then can be widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other related industries.

Blister packaging products mainly include: blister, tray, blister box, also known as: vacuum cover, blister, etc. Blister packaging equipment mainly includes: blister forming machine, punching machine, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine, etc. The packaging products formed by encapsulation can also be divided into: inserts, double blister, half blister, folded blister, tri-folded blister, etc.

In the use of blister technology will be transparent plastic hard sheet made of specific raised shape of transparent plastic, cover the surface of the product, play a role in the protection as well as beautification of the product, will be ordinary plastic hard, on the surface of the sticky layer of solute material, so that the surface of the tray has a kind of solute feel, in order to be used to improve the grade of packaging products, the use of special technology modified material blister tray, the surface of the material resistance value of less than 10 of 11 times put ohm. Mainly used for electrostatic trays for electronics and IT products.

The moulds used for blister production are the lowest cost plaster moulds, followed by electroplated copper moulds and the most expensive aluminium moulds, which are drilled with small holes for the vacuum adsorption of the thermally hardened sheets to form blister products.

Huisu often refer to blister moulding, using a blister moulding machine to adsorb the heat-softened hard sheet of plastic onto the surface of the mould, which, when cooled, forms a concave or convex shape.

Blister cutting: After the blister packaging is formed, the plastic product is punched and the large sheet is divided into individual products using a knife mould.

Folding: there is a type of pvc blister packaging product called insert packaging, which requires the three sides of the blister to be folded to the back with a folding machine so that the paper card can be inserted into the folded edge to form the insert packaging in the next encapsulation process.

Heat seal: This is a blister packaging process in which a paper card coated with blister oil is used with a sealing machine to form a blister pack.

High frequency sealing: is a blister packaging process, mainly using high frequency machine to generate ultrasonic waves, and then the blister and blister bonded together to form a double blister packaging, and high frequency sealing is different, ultrasonic waves can not only seal PVC, PETPETG and other materials, but also PET materials, and for the packaging of products without electromagnetic damage, especially suitable for electronic products packaging, but the disadvantage is that the ultrasonic sealing can only be sealed PVC, PET, PETG and other materials, and can also be sealed PET materials, and there is no electromagnetic damage to the packaging, especially for electronic products packaging. However, the disadvantage is that ultrasonic sealing can only be done at intervals, and in general, only one edge can be sealed at a time.

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