How to Achieve A Healthy and Mindfulness Life During The Pandemic – A Tips from

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How to Achieve A Healthy and Mindfulness Life During The Pandemic – A Tips from

July 30
01:04 2021
Staying at home is not for everyone and it’s not always easy to overcome the feeling of being “alone”

Mindfulness is the intentional focus of one’s awareness on the present moment. Someone can practice mindfulness by taking few deep breaths and being aware of the sensations in their body. Another way to practice is through self-awareness, by being aware of incoming thoughts and the surrounding environment. For example, in a crowded place, try to feel each person’s presence. Become mindful of each person as an individual human being and appreciate that they have their problems just like us. The problem started to arise when the entire globe is in chaos.

The never-ending pandemic has turn people down, losing hope, and forget that they have the weapon to heal, i.e. their mind and body. is one of the rare resources based in Lithuania that promoted a healthy lifestyle for body and soul. “We are not made of blood and flesh, but we have soul, and it’s important to take care of our self holistically, especially our soul”, says Romanov, the founder of

The Benefits of Living Mindfully 

Being mindful every day has many positive benefits such as:

– Improve your mood and feel more energized.

Many people go through their days on autopilot, but when you stop to take in what’s happening around you and see it for what it is, it can be very refreshing.

– Less stress, better sleep, lower blood pressure.

Sleep does not only gives us energy when we need it most but also gives our brain time to process all the information we’ve consumed during the day or week. As a result, we’re able to make better decisions when we have had enough sleep because our brain has a chance to rest.

– Become a happier person overall.

Happiness does not come from your partner, friends, family, or your belongings. It should come to you and stay within you. Feel complete with yourself.

– Gain clarity on what you want in life.

Spending time alone does not mean you’re lonely, it means you appreciate yourself. No one will stay right by your side aside from you.

How KainaCPA can help?

Founded by Romanov, a mindful technopreneur in 2015, the site focuses on writing life hacks and mindful tips to keep your life healthy physically and mentally. It covers different topics in beauty, wellness, and personal relationship. The intelligent brains behind this website believe you can heal the world if you can heal yourself.

Check out on more resources from their website,

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