Truth Treatment Systems™ Introduces Transdermal C Serum to Its Catalog

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Truth Treatment Systems™ Introduces Transdermal C Serum to Its Catalog

July 28
21:43 2021
Truth Treatment Systems™ is an American-based skincare brand that believes skin health is skin beauty. Truth Treatment Systems™ formulations are primarily healing products that address cell chemistry to correct aging, dryness, dark spots, and general beauty concerns.

The modern skincare business is saturated with antiquated formulations that focus on the superficial aspects and appearance of the body’s largest organ. 

In response to the lack of sophistication and outdated approach to the wellness of the skin and its subsequent look, Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R. Ph. created Truth Treatment Systems™ – a brand that values health over aesthetics and promotes a sense of seriousness to skincare.

“I believe that caring for your skin can be much more than cosmetic. I believe that caring for the skin is about the health of the skin. And that’s why I created Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R. Ph. Truth Treatment Systems™; to provide topical nourishment for the skin that doesn’t merely beautify skin or address its surface but feeds, heals and activates it at its basal (bottom-most) cellular level.”

Mr. Fuchs, who has nearly 40 years of experience as a compounding cosmetic pharmacist and nutritionist, states that the key to the effectiveness of his formulas lies in the combination of skin-penetrating technologies and what he calls “biogenic” active ingredients. He believes that these molecules, like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, electrolytes, and hydroxy acids, provide the ideal balance of maximum benefits with zero toxicity and make the perfect active ingredients for effective, high-performing skincare.

“All Truth Treatment Systems™ products have one thing in common – they WORK! They speed healing of burns and cuts, scrapes, and acne blemishes and, at the same time, help fade fine lines and wrinkles, brighten and hydrate, leaving skin firm, glowing, and most importantly healthy! My formulas contain 100 percent active and functional ingredients that create visible healthy changes to your skin. And make them quickly. Many people notice a significant difference in the look of their skin in just 1 day, without silicon, preservatives, waxes, emulsifiers, oils, or fragrances. Our ingredients leverage nutritional and biochemical understandings and utilize proven strategies gleaned from years of compounding prescription skin health products for physicians, estheticians, and the most discerning of patients.”

Truth Treatment Systems™ formulations are largely based on fat-soluble, Lipophilic Vitamin C, the stable form of this critical skin nutrient. Unlike the traditional forms of Vitamin C found in many skincare products, Truth Treatment Systems™ Lipophilic Vitamin C does not break down and has a soothing, moisturizing quality that can be used on any skin type. Lipophilic Vitamin C also penetrates the skin’s surface, effectively allowing it to activate the living cells which reside in the skin’s bottom-most layers. This superstar ingredient included in many Truth Treatment formulations, including Transdermal C Serum, with extreme concentration of Lipophilic Vitamin C, almost 80%!

Truth Treatment Systems™ also offers the Truth Rewards loyalty program for registered customers. Points can be obtained in a number of ways, starting with creating an account, writing product reviews, and following the brand on social media platforms. Each dollar spent on the Truth Treatment Systems™ store earns the customers a single point. 

Truth Treatment Systems™ have been warmly received by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Suzanne, The Beauty Shaman, wrote a lengthy review on her Beauty Shaman blog, stating:

“I first met Ben Fuchs, creator of Truth Treatments Skin Care line at Gaia TV where I made him up for an interview. During that meeting, Ben gave me a few samples of Truth Treatments to try out on both myself and my clients. Having used countless skincare products, I was deeply impressed by how effective Truth Treatments is and the quality of ingredients he uses. With only on average six to nine active ingredients per product, I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin and then decided to conduct a product review on YouTube.”

More information on Truth Treatment Systems™ can be found on the brand’s official webpage.

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