The Wizard’s Diary by Robert J. Bradshaw is one of the best fantasy novels in 2021

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The Wizard’s Diary by Robert J. Bradshaw is one of the best fantasy novels in 2021

July 28
07:38 2021

On March 15, 2021, author Robert J. Bradshaw released his spellbinding debut fantasy novel, The Wizard’s Diary, the first installment of a planned series of novellas. In his work, Bradshaw blends the traditional fantasy genre with the nuance of gaslamp fiction to deliver a compelling, fast-paced adventure.

There is only one spell in the entire world… or so everyone thought.

For generations, wizards have been the keepers of the One True Spell, giving them the ability to see the future. However, looking into the future is a tricky thing, clouded by people’s hopes and fears. And since wizarding has become nothing more than a parlor trick to amuse the wealthiest inhabitants of Gemini City, maybe that is why no one saw the evil that was coming.

The greatest wizard of the age, or so he thinks, is about to find out the world is far more magical than he could possibly have imagined–thanks to one little girl. But will it be enough?

Although The Wizard’s Diary is intended for a young adult audience, Bradshaw’s work is appropriate for readers of any age. With relatable characters, a satisfying story arc, and an intriguing system of magic, The Wizard’s Diary appeals to a broad variety of tastes. The story’s accessible narrative style makes it a perfect choice for co-reading between parents and children. Reviewers describe The Wizard’s Diary as a unique take on a wizard’s origin story and “imaginative in the way [it] treats the topic of magic.” 

While writing, Bradshaw drew upon real-world events during the COVID-19 pandemic and his own life experiences to engage with serious issues like sacrifice and service from the safety of the fantasy genre. In the aftermath of global upset, The Wizard’s Diary is an especially timely tool for inviting children to openly discuss their emotions on current events.

When asked to comment on The Wizard’s Diary, Bradshaw graciously stated, “Everyone is invited to visit Gemini City in any way they are most comfortable and interested. I sincerely hope that The Wizard’s Diary can bring people together.”

The Wizard’s Diary is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Sequels are currently in development.

Robert J. Bradshaw is an author, father, and award-winning classical composer with a passion for storytelling. He can be found online at Best known for his celebrated work in concert halls around the world, Bradshaw is also an avid nature photographer and videographer. His creative pursuits collectively inspired his series of novellas, starting with The Wizard’s Diary.

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