Learning Collaborative Decision-Making Through Argentine Tango With Ultimate Tango School of Dance

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Learning Collaborative Decision-Making Through Argentine Tango With Ultimate Tango School of Dance

July 28
05:29 2021
Ultimate Tango School of Dance not only teaches its students Argentine Tango but also essential life skills like creative leadership.

Dance has always been an integral part of people’s lives. Even if it is not exactly a person’s strongest suit, no one can deny how fun and freeing dancing can be as soon as the music starts playing. And when it comes to couple dances like the Tango – one of the most popular dance forms in the world – there is so much more to think about than just the improvement of one’s own skills.

The interesting thing about Tango, or Argentine Tango, to be specific, is the fact that it is all about creative leadership and building mutual respect and trust between the Leader and Follower – whether it’s in Tango or in life. And this is what Ultimate Tango School of Dance teaches its students: the ‘Tango way’ of achieving things.

As a partner dance, Argentine Tango puts a lot of emphasis on creative leadership. However, leadership in dance is not simply about the Leader getting to call all the shots. Instead, it is about knowing exactly where the Follower is going and vice versa – synching one’s movements from there. This is also where mutual trust and respect comes into place.

“Do not micromanage your Follower. Propose the movement and let her excel,” says Anita Flejter, the spokesperson from Ultimate Tango School of Dance. Because at the end of the day, despite having a Leader and Follower, the dancers must shine as a couple, not as individual dancers – which adds sense to the popular saying, “it takes two to Tango.”

At Ultimate Tango School of Dance, instructors are hands-on and involved in teaching Tango to students, making sure that every student, regardless of dance background or skill level, understands every aspect of Tango and how to properly execute its movements.

But the truth is, Tango is not for everyone. “It’s an exclusive dance that attracts people with higher minds – logical and visionary,” says Anita Flejter of Ultimate Tango School of Dance. This is why their students are also honed with essential life skills, such as cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, social interaction skills, and physical and mental skills.

Beginners have nothing to worry about, though. Ultimate Tango School of Dance offers a Beginner Argentine Tango Course that introduces Argentine Tango in a clear, well-structured, and progressive manner while learning at one’s own pace. “In tango, you can choose between generalization and extreme focus on details. Both approaches will get the end result,” says their team. “Making a mistake is totally an option here. Most tango steps were born from mistakes. There is no punishment for forgetting the sequence. Just the opportunity to create a new one,” they added.

Ultimate Tango School of Dance offers a variety of in-person and online courses for every kind of learner. More information about the Ultimate Tango School of Dance can be found at https://www.ultimatetango.com/.

About Ultimate Tango School of Dance

Ultimate Tango School of Dance is an Argentine tango school located in Medford, Massachusetts, Greater Boston Area. Its creator and owners, Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela created a unique, well-structured, progressive Argentine Tango program that proves itself extremely successful and popular.

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