What is the difference between medical oxygen and industrial oxygen

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What is the difference between medical oxygen and industrial oxygen

July 27
12:58 2021

The biggest difference between medical oxygen and industrial oxygen lies in the control of moisture in oxygen. We often have this experience in our life. The iron with smooth surface and no rust will not rust in the open air for a long time, but it will rust after a heavy rain. This is because oxygen oxidizes a large number of iron molecules in the presence of water. And after iron oxidation, not only rust, but also hydrogen and other gases harmful to human body will be discharged. Iron is oxidized to form rust, which is very loose and easy to form small particles to mix into oxygen. Inhaled by patients, resulting in respiratory tract injury such as infection. Therefore, it is extremely important to minimize the moisture content in oxygen in medical oxygen production.

Industrial oxygen is a gas used for industrial production and product processing. It has low quality requirements. Generally, it is qualified if the purity is more than 99%. The filling procedure is not as strict as that of medical oxygen. Water and other impurities are often mixed and remain in the oxygen cylinder. The water mixed and remaining in the cylinder will lead to the corrosion of the inner wall of the oxygen cylinder, resulting in peculiar smell of the gas in the cylinder. At the same time, industrial oxygen also contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, acetylene and other impurities that are extremely harmful to human body. Once patients inhale too much, choking and scabbing will occur, causing or aggravating respiratory diseases, oxygen gas cylinders.

Medical oxygen is also called dry oxygen: the purity of medical oxygen is required to be more than 99.5%. In addition to removing gases harmful to human body, the most important thing is to strictly control the water content in oxygen. Because medical oxygen is inhaled into the human body and widely used in medical treatment, the national drug regulatory department has always included medical oxygen in drug management, requiring that the production and operation of medical oxygen must obtain a license.

Because medical oxygen and industrial oxygen are gases, it is difficult to identify them by experimental methods in people’s homes, but they can be distinguished to a certain extent by the following methods.

Medical oxygen certificate: like the food and drugs we consume daily, medical oxygen also includes the manufacturer, production date, validity period, etc. These about the quality of medical oxygen are clearly recorded on the medical oxygen certificate on the medical oxygen cylinder.

The purpose of the medical oxygen certificate is to tell you who is responsible for the quality of the medical oxygen you are using. The medical oxygen certificate is marked with the date of production for inspection. The medical oxygen delivered by Beipu oxygen will not exceed one month from the filling date.

Water pressure test stamp: water pressure test is an important means to ensure the safety of oxygen cylinders. According to the national standard, water pressure test must be carried out for medical oxygen cylinders every three years to ensure the safety of oxygen cylinders.

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The smell method is not very effective for the industrial oxygen filled in the new oxygen cylinder, because it is difficult to find the difference between the oxygen cylinder filled with medical oxygen and the oxygen cylinder filled with industrial oxygen at the beginning of use, but with the passage of time, the corrosion degree in the industrial oxygen cylinder gradually deepens, The switch of the medical oxygen bottle or the switch of the medical sulfur bottle may be too strong, or the switch of the medical oxygen bottle or the switch of the medical sulfur bottle may not be turned on (Due to the rubber sealing ring in the valve body of the oxygen cylinder, it is normal for individual oxygen cylinders to smell the rubber).

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