UV-Cool: An Affordable and Revolutionary Cooling Experience

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UV-Cool: An Affordable and Revolutionary Cooling Experience

July 27
10:16 2021
UV-Cool, the revolutionary portable air cooler that cleans and cools air at home, office or even car.

Cyprus – July 26, 2021 – Unendurable heatwaves and extortionate power bills can make one’s frustration levels boil over. With the absence of proper air conditioning at home, losing one’s temper is all too easy especially, when the temperatures have skyrocketed with the onset of summer. Excruciating temperatures make working, traveling, and living highly inconvenient, and with no affordable and efficient cooling equipment at one’s reach, the inconvenience doubles. Hence, to alleviate the discomforts of heat, individuals need a versatile yet affordable product that gives them their comfort and control back. 

UV-Cool, a compact, robust little device, can be plugged directly into a wall socket or USB port to provide instant cool air. It is a portable cooler, suitable for use in any part of the home or office, and even has an ambient night light for use in the bedroom. Individuals can benefit from the versatility of UV- Cool since it functions as a cooling unit, a purifier, and a humidifier all in one! Additionally, this device can even be used outdoors for a gentle cool breeze in the hot sun. The sky is the limit for how much convenience UV-Cool can add to an individual’s everyday life.

UV-Cool prioritizes the needs of the consumers, striving to provide top-notch products and services making the customers’ experiences valuable. Among such satisfied customers is Jamie P states, “As a mother, I need to have my house at a cool, consistent and safe temperature for my baby. UV-Cool helps me to do just that. I can cool his room down for nap time and he even enjoys looking at the night light. It’s a win-win for our entire family.” Lisa M., another satisfied customer expresses that, “We don’t have air conditioning in our home but warmer months can be intense. When I’m trying to sleep and it’s too hot, I just plug this product in and it cools the room down in record time. I also love how it can run on USB power.”

UV-Cool offers multiple attractive order discounts for its customers that they can take advantage of.  Instead of relying on large, bulky, and expensive air conditioning units when one only needs to cool one room, UV-Cool becomes a cost-efficient investment. Customers can benefit from the world’s first UV-C portable air cooler with a strong cooling capacity that requires no need for special plugs or charges. Furthermore, it is portable with seven colors LED ambient lights, and most importantly, ecological, refraining the use of any chemicals for water purification. UV-Cool is versatile, affordable, efficient, and portable and proves to be the best option for individuals who need refreshing working and living spaces. Unlike cumbersome and extortionate air conditioners, UV-Cool proves to be economical for customers.

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