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July 26
23:00 2021 Discusses The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Wireless devices make life easier for countless individuals across the globe. The devices allow them to stay connected regardless of where they are. If they have internet access, they can stay in touch with others. However, these devices come with some unintended consequences, and those consequences are deadly at times. Traffic accidents related to distracted driving continue to increase, and these accidents often result in injuries or the loss of lives. The statistics need to frighten individuals.

Distracted Driving Statistics

Every day, nine individuals die because of distracted driving. If this isn’t scary enough, check this information. Over 1,000 people suffer injuries because of distracted drivers each day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association gathers information every year on this type of crash and found that more than 3,100 individuals lost their lives in 2019 because of a distracted driving accident. Approximately 400,000 individuals sustained injuries in this type of crash in 2018.

Men and women between the ages of 16 and 24 tend to use handheld cell phones the most when behind the wheel. However, no age group remains immune to this type of accident. Furthermore, victims of distracted drivers come of all ages. Every person must understand the dangers of this activity and take steps to avoid accidents. Distracted Driving Webinar – The Smartphone Paradox serves as a good starting point for discussions on this topic.  

Stay Safe

Every new driver needs to know the dangers of distracted driving and why they must leave their mobile device put away when behind the wheel. Before a new driver receives their license, spend time with them going over how to avoid accidents of this type. Explain that removing their eyes from the road for even a second can lead to injuries or the death of someone.

Set a good example. Never text while driving. If there is a dire need to text or speak to someone, find a safe place to pull over before doing so. This shows children the importance of staying safe while driving. 

Talk About It

Lytx reminds people to speak with their friends and family about the dangers of distracted driving. Although this might irritate some people, it’s better to have them upset than to no longer have them here. Don’t hesitate to speak to school officials about emphasizing the importance of remaining alert while driving either. This helps to keep children and their friends safe when the school makes this a topic of conversation.

Each state establishes laws regarding texting or using a mobile device while behind the wheel of a car. The Governors Highway Safety Association serves as a great resource for those who want to know about these laws. However, according to, drivers need to visit the site regularly to make certain they have the latest information. This ensures everyone is on the same page with what is and is not permitted.

Parents should use these laws as the bare minimum when it comes to their teens and driving. They may wish to add more rules to keep their kids safe when behind the wheel. Nobody can be too cautious when it comes to this.

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