New App Brings Call Log-Categorization Technology Empowering Millions Of Self-Employed Americans

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New App Brings Call Log-Categorization Technology Empowering Millions Of Self-Employed Americans

July 26
22:52 2021
‘PhoneTAXX’ is all set to handle the administrative burden of tracking and calculating the expense of business phone calls on personal phones, enabling the ‘self-directed’ workforce to focus on their highest-value work.

SAN DIEGO – The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the traditional concept of work, illustrating that many jobs can be performed remotely without sacrificing throughput. The immense upsurge in the mobile workforce, spearheaded by entrepreneurship and small business, has led to increased use of personal phones for business communication purposes. Launching December 2021, ‘PhoneTAXX’, a mobile app that tracks phone call logs will automatically record and calculate business call expenses—essential data for any self-employed business owner or small business owner reimbursing employees. Available on Google Play Store marketplace first, then Apple App Store, the app can be downloaded at

The app features smart call log categorization technology intended for the accurate reporting and calculation of mobile phone calls without any human intervention beyond initial account setup. PhoneTAXX allows users to export expense reports directly from the app to a predesignated email for IRS-required documentation or accurate reimbursement. The app then generates a neatly organized call log summary for tax documentation.

“The current pandemic continues to demonstrate the growing demand for remote work requiring the current workforce to be more flexible and well-organized,” said Tiffany Rubin Johnson, Founder and CEO, PhoneTAXX, LLC. “Recent statistics by Upwork reveals that nearly 50 percent of the American workforce will continue to work remotely. It is projected that 36.2 million Americans will gradually shift to a remote model by 2025, a staggering 87% upsurge from the number of remote workers before the onset of the global pandemic. It is essential now more than ever that the ‘self-directed’ workforce (i.e., freelancers, independent contractors, gig workers, real estate agents, hair stylists, solopreneurs) leverage technology to track expenses and maintain documentation to receive every tax deduction they are entitled to.”

Self-employment requires dexterity, creativity, and unmatched organization skills. Usually, preeminent business owners and freelancers are their own accounting, operations, and advertising teams enveloped into one individual. As a result, administrative tasks often receive the lowest level of attention. Due to fragmentation of the global economy during the pandemic, PhoneTAXX has deliberately focused on mitigating time-consuming administrative burdens, so business owners can focus on value-added tasks without forgoing thousands of dollars in eligible tax deductions.

With a free introductory plan, the app will be offering the first 15 calls categorized for free. Users who wish to track unlimited phone calls can upgrade to one of the app’s unlimited subscription plans for $7.99/month or $71.88/year. The developers of the app utilized a Privacy-by-Design approach to ensure the app protects users’ privacy and security without compromising functionality.

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About the Company:

PhoneTAXX, LLC, is an up-and-coming mobile app development company dedicated to empowering a self-directed workforce to manage their expenses more efficiently with smart call log categorization technology. The app will support the millions of business owners, independent professionals, and enterprising individuals who work in every imaginable industry—real estate, sales, services, finance, design, and more—empowering the success of those who constitute the lifeblood of the US economy.

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