Top Free VPN App to Refrain Seeing Targeted Online Advertisements

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Top Free VPN App to Refrain Seeing Targeted Online Advertisements

June 28
20:01 2021

Advertisers had to think of new promotional strategies as COVID-19 surprised the entire globe, hence the aggression when it comes to targeted online advertisements. Even though this strategy is not new, more and more internet users are becoming more bothered because it feels like the brands are frequently tracking online activities, especially in social media platforms.

Gone were the days when social media sites were used solely for connecting to people close to the users’ hearts. As the technology is fast-paced and ever-evolving, the advertising industry has made the internet a huge tool to market brands.

Although a very astute concept to grow businesses, targeted online advertising thrives in recording online users’ data, including personal information and interests. This method may be harmless on the surface level, but in hindsight, this is considered as an invasion of privacy.

Unfortunately, targeted advertising is not prohibited nor punishable by law. But, users can do something to guarantee online privacy – and that is by connecting to a VPN.

VPN and its benefits

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software tool that helps internet users conceal online identity through hiding IP addresses. What the VPN would do is establish a secure connection between the user’s device and the internet by routing the user’s data to an encrypted virtual tunnel made by the VPN tool.

By connecting to a VPN, website cookies, which are the main reasons as to why brands can track anyone, would not be able to get ahold of online data and activities of the internet users.

Although very helpful, users must be aware of different VPN apps available in the market. There are paid VPN tools that offer costly premium VPN services. There are also free VPNs available, but several of these are sketchy.

However, there is a top free VPN app that is reliable and trustworthy, not to mention, can also offer premium VPN services – GoingVPN.

GoingVPN is a top free VPN app that has a built-in lightning-speed technology to help internet users not experience poor device performance caused by lags and buffers.

To help users maximize time on browsing the web securely, GoingVPN offers unlimited data bandwidth.

GoingVPN also provides a tight encryption process so that third parties would not be able to track or record any online information and activity made by an online user.


Internet users need not be overly submissive to what the internet is capable of doing. It is high time to do something about it, and the good thing is it is possible and easy.

The web is a fun and entertaining place, but it is also considered as very vulnerable. That’s why users must be very careful and not get too comfortable. With a VPN app like GoingVPN, the users’ cybersecurity will be guaranteed.

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