Fold A Goal, the ultimate name in Soccer Goal Posts & Soccer Equipment

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Fold A Goal, the ultimate name in Soccer Goal Posts & Soccer Equipment

June 28
13:09 2021
Fold A Goal, the ultimate name in Soccer Goal Posts & Soccer Equipment

Serving Soccer Fans for 48 Years
For the past 5 decades, Fold A Goal has been one of the premier suppliers for all things soccer. We specialize in portable soccer goals, but we also have a supply of all other kinds of soccer equipment. Not only are we the go-to company for all things soccer, we have a large selection of equipment for other sports like football, lacrosse, etc. as well.

In the 1970s, the goal posts kids were using to play soccer were heavy and cumbersome to assemble and dismantle. Sensing an opportunity; over 45 years ago, founder and creator of the privately owned Los Angeles based company, David Hauptman, created a lightweight, portable soccer goal made for convenience, safety, and durability. Thus the trend setting one-stop soccer shop was created, offering reliable portable soccer goals for schools, clubs, and families across the nation. With their competitive prices and excellent customer first mentality, Fold-A-Goal became the go-to supplier for portable soccer goals and practice soccer goals in California.


What’s more important than serving the customer? Fold-A-Goal prioritizes the needs and satisfaction of their customers by offering fast factory-direct shipping (even straight to the soccer field) and accepts returns with a full refund. In maintaining a strong commitment to the athletic youth, Fold-A-Goal donates portable soccer goals and portable football goals to inner city leagues that can’t afford new, durable equipment. In addition, they receive gently used uniforms and soccer gear from neighboring soccer leagues and pass them on to players who are unable to afford basic soccer gear.


What ultimately sets Fold-A-Goal apart from other soccer and athletic equipment producers is their commitment to product quality. Fold-A-Goal’s products are manufactured in the United States out of study, rugged materials for the best results in long-lasting quality, design, and construction.

Fold-a-Goal’s most popular product continues to be their sturdy and reliable portable soccer goals made with only the best, long-lasting, and high quality materials.


Soccer continues to maintain its popularity among young budding athletes. However, parents, coaches, and leagues continue to face the problem of finding the appropriate portable soccer goal or practice soccer goal for their youngsters’ skill level.

Soccer is a sport that can be played with a goal of any size, shape, or material; however the best results happen when players play with the same goal type as what they’ll be playing with in their league games.

Generally in leagues, there are specific sized goals needed depending on a player’s age and skill level. Because most leagues split their players into teams mainly based on age, there are specific sized portable soccer goals that are made for players of different ages.

So… How do you choose the perfect practice soccer goal sizefor your youngster as they grow throughout their soccer playing journey? Most leagues in the US stick to these rules when choosing the appropriate portable soccer goal size for their players’ ages and skill levels.    


For a child between the ages of 6 and 7 the most appropriate practice soccer goal for their skill level and age should be 4 feet high and 6 feet wide. In soccer, a pitch is another name resembling the playing surface for a soccer game. A soccer pitch could also be known as a general soccer field. Children of this age play on a pitch that is 15 yards wide and 20 yards long.

For a child between the ages of 7 and 8 the portable soccer goal should be 6 ½ feet high and 12 feet wide. Players of this age and skill level play on a soccer pitch or field that is 30 yards wide and 50 yards long.

For a child between the ages of 8 and 9, the goal remains the height of 6 ½ feet, but expands to a length of 18 ½ feet. The field dimensions for players of this age is 35 yards wide and 50 yards long.


For players aged 9 to 10 the goal dimensions change again, but remain the same until the player reaches the age of 13. Soccer players aged 10 to 13 play with a portable soccer goal that is 6 ½ to 8 feet tall and 18 to 24 feet wide.

Players reach adult level dimensions upon passing the age of 13. Once this age, soccer players will remain practicing on the same sized semi permanent soccer goals. From age 13 and up, the portable soccer goal is 8 feet in height and 24 feet wide and the portable soccer goal’s dimensions do not change again. The pitch size for adult soccer players is anywhere between 50 yards by 100 yards and 80 yards by 120 yards. 


Quality soccer goals are not inexpensive which is why it is important to know how to get the most out of them and keep them in great condition. Keeping your portable soccer goals and practice soccer goals in great shape is not difficult as long as you keep some key tips in mind when taking care of them.

Assembly: The initial assembly of a portable soccer goal has the largest effect on the longevity and lifetime of a soccer goal. Not following the manufacturer’s specifications to detail risks breaking and faster wearing of the material, which could result in a safety risk to players. This is especially important when building folding soccer goals and indoor soccer goals. Overtightening nuts and bolts can result in the hardware stripping easily and under-tightening can lead to a loosely built soccer goal which could result in injuries to the players, this is especially dangerous for children and when building indoor soccer goals.

Storage: The best way to keep your portable soccer goals in the off season is to store them indoors (temperature controlled is a bonus). The truth is it can be challenging to find an indoor storage space or the time and people to help transport your goals inside. As the vast majority of portable soccer goals remain outside during off season they may still last 8-10 years when stored outdoors. Make sure to check your nets and goals annually for any wear and tear.

Remove the Nets: The lifetime of a soccer goal net is about 2 years however you can more than double the lifetime of your soccer nets by removing them from practice soccer goals and portable soccer goals during off season. This way the nets don’t wear out from sun exposure and temperature fluctuations.

It is important to treat your equipment like you spent a lot of money on it and take reasonable measures to keep and maintain it as best as you can! Follow these tips when taking care of your goals and they will pay you back with a longer lifetime and more years of use!


Fold-a-Goal carries a wide range of quality soccer goals and other athletic equipment to fit any budget! While portable soccer goals remain Fold-a-Goal’s most popular item, the company’s catalog encompasses all types of soccer and other sports equipment including:

  • Soccer replacement nets
  • Soccer balls
  • Practice soccer goals
  • Semi-permanent soccer goals
  • Indoor soccer goals
  • Folding soccer goals
  • Portable football goals

Fold a Goal
offers a wide range of equipment and athletic wear for sports including soccer, football, Lacrosse, and Rugby and caters their equipment for a wide range of consumers including schools, sports leagues, and families.

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