Jinan Fahes, journalist at Kosawada, the kingdom of social media agencies

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Jinan Fahes, journalist at Kosawada, the kingdom of social media agencies

June 28
08:55 2021
Jinan Fahes, journalist at Kosawada, the kingdom of social media agencies

Jinan Fahes, journalist at Kosawada, the kingdom of social media agencies
A professional journalist is one who is totally aware of how to work with a large-scale enterprise content management system, with the need to work well and communicate effectively with being fully aware of the limits and boundaries of reporting. Jinan Fahes has all of these attributes, and it’s the reason behind her success as a journalist.

“Being a journalist seems like having a ticket out to the world”, Jinan Fahes’s saying clearly hints out to what extent is journalism important in her life. Jinan Fahes, Kosawada journalist, is one of the most important members in the team. Having a strong academic background supported the team highly. She studied journalism along with English Language, this combination made her the best fit for the position she holds now.

Jinan has dedicated her life for journalism after graduation. Besides, she worked hard to finish up her second major (English Literature), where she earned her master’s degree in literature trace at the Lebanese University. According to her, English literature best serves her journey in journalism, that’s why she chose to make this combination between both majors. Jinan’s passion and interest in social media best qualifies her for this job. She is very active on social media where she stands on the doorstep of daily updates and checks all blogs, microblogs, websites, web pages and many other platforms to stay updated with every new content.

In addition to that, Jinan is inquisitive, tactful, upbeat, communicative, and above all of those qualifiers, she is someone who is excited by technology and equipped with amazing writing skills. As a journalist at Kosawada (a social media agency), Jinan Fahs communicate with celebrities and gives every single client her full time so that to give her best in every article she writes. While writing down her articles, Jinan does not only depend on general points given by the clients, but also she goes on searching and exploring various platforms to get extra information that might serve her masterpiece.

The best thing about her is her unique style; she leverages her English skills in journalism. It is very important for a journalist to be fluent in English. A journalist with an expansive vocabulary and flair for the language is definitely more qualified and makes a good first impression. Moreover, her writings are thought-provoking and interesting to read, leaving no room for misunderstandings or unintentional double meanings. In short, “being a journalist is not an easy task, it is a career that demands hardworking”, Jinan Fahes.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Jinan Fahes
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0097470715766
Country: United States
Website: www.kosawadapanel.com

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