How Two Parents Advocate for Car Safety Through Safe Ride 4 Kids

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How Two Parents Advocate for Car Safety Through Safe Ride 4 Kids

June 26
02:00 2021
Greg and Amie Durocher are passenger-safety-technicians-turned-founders of Safe Ride 4 Kids and are now equipping families to prioritize safety.

Unborn babies are at least at 5 times the risk in the car. More than 170,000 pregnant women are involved in car accidents every year, resulting in thousands of lost pregnancies or injuries to the baby. See, the existing seat belt system was not designed or tested to optimally protect women who are driving while pregnant. Children are also not exempt from the risks of riding in vehicles and tragically, despite all the new safety features available in child restraints, 3 out of 4 car seats are still being used incorrectly to varying degrees of severity.

Driving is one of, if not, the most dangerous activities people do every day which makes it important to keep children safe when in the car, whether they are still in the womb or in the world. Car Seat experts at Safe Ride 4 Kids teach car seat safety with best practice and reality in mind. While not every family can follow best practice, families must do the best they can within their particular circumstances.

To help equip and empower families to prioritize safety, Safe Ride 4 Kids shares innovative but relatively undiscovered products that solved some challenges many parents face because they were challenges that founders Greg and Amie Durocher faced as parents.

Safe Ride 4 Kids currently offers two solutions for two age ranges. The crash tested Tummy Shield redirects the lap portion of the seat belt to the upper thighs. This effectively restrains the mother while minimizing the risk that the seat belt will intrude into the pregnant tummy during a crash or sudden braking incident. And Tummy Shield makes driving or riding in a vehicle much more comfortable for the pregnant mother, making the mother more likely to use the seat belt.

For children, the RideSafer Travel vest properly positions the vehicle’s seat belt on the child, lowers their center of gravity and, in the event of a crash, spreads the crash force across the vest instead of just the width of the seat belt like in a booster. This vest has been a certified child restraint in the US since 2004.

While there are many other products that offer protection to children and may even be less expensive, some manufacturers miss a few of the safety features that Safe Ride 4 Kids’ products offer, and this is what gives the company pride. After all, the mission of Safe Ride 4 Kids is ultimately to save lives and reduce emotional suffering by preventing children from being injured or killed in car crashes from conception forward.

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Safe Ride 4 Kids helps families arrive safely by equipping parents with innovative products and unbiased information from its team of certified safety experts.

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