Coffee for Everyone by Fabula Coffee

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Coffee for Everyone by Fabula Coffee

June 25
21:59 2021
Fabula Coffee makes coffee with low acidity accessible and affordable.

But first, coffee. Almost everyone starts their day with a cup of coffee. It is the perfect breakfast companion, and because of its tangy and crisp finish, there are also a majority of people who drink coffee whenever they want and wherever they want. However, good coffee usually has high acidity and not everyone can tolerate this in their digestive tract.

Fabula Coffee was created to solve just that, as they aim for everyone to always enjoy a great cup of coffee with their low acidity coffee line. Specially created for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs, besides being low in acid, Fabula Coffee is 100% organic, non-GMO, mold-free, freshly roasted, and made from single origin.

Driven by their goal to make organic, healthy, and delicious coffee accessible to as many people as possible, Fabula Coffee has searched far and low to source the best coffee beans out there. In particular, they choose the freshest coffee beans every single month from over 600 vetted organic farms. Then, their coffee beans are grown in the shade at high elevations by quality organic farmers to make the coffee low in acid and easy on people with sensitive stomachs. Through this process, coffee enthusiasts can bid goodbye to stomach aches and tummy burns.

To attest to Fabula Coffee’s concept, a happy Fabula customer named Jessica P. from New York shared her review: “My husband was complaining of his stomach hurting after he drank his coffee. I had already ordered Fabula, and immediately switched to it. He’s had no more stomach pain after coffee since we switched. Well worth it for a smooth, delicious, organic, low acidity coffee.” A lot of customers can already attest how happy and satisfied they are with their coffee ever since switching to Fabula Coffee.

There is a product for every kind of coffee drinker at Fabula Coffee. They have various offerings such as light roast, medium roast, dark roast, and decaf. Light roast is perfect for those who want a bright and vibrant hint of coffee while medium roast is a good choice for those who want a balanced taste with deep caramel sweetness. As usual, the richest of them all is the dark roast, and it is rounded perfectly with nutty and cedar flavors. Of course, those who want the coffee flavor without the caffeine can reach out for the decaf option.

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About Fabula Coffee

Fabula Coffee is a company that makes and sells coffee with low acidity, allowing all kinds of people to enjoy good coffee.

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Company Name: Fabula Holdings Inc
Contact Person: Lars Sorensen
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Phone: 1-844-432-2852
Country: United States

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