2021 Best Chimney Sweep Cleaning Services in Maryland

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2021 Best Chimney Sweep Cleaning Services in Maryland

June 25
14:19 2021

Maryland, USA – June 25, 2021 – A freestanding stove or fireplace can make the chimney dirty within a few days. Maryland homeowners often say that they can’t clean the chimneys alone because of the tremendous amount of soot and dirt involved. But not cleaning the chimney may lead to clogging that may eventually cause a deadly fire. Moreover, dirty chimneys are the main reason for carbon monoxide poisoning in various Maryland houses.

Just because homeowners can’t clean the chimneys alone doesn’t mean there are no solutions to this problem. Chimney Sweep Clean is the leading company in Maryland that offers comprehensive chimney cleaning services at unbeatable prices. Regular maintenance of the chimney ensures that there are no risks of carbon monoxide poisoning or a sudden fire breaking out in the house. It keeps the home and the family members safe. According to the National Fire Protection Association 2021-rule, every homeowner who has a chimney in the house should get it cleaned at least once a year.

Chimney Sweep Clean has a Chimney Safety Institute of America certification, meaning they provide the most reliable chimney sweep services in Maryland. They have the qualification to do the following things:

• Repair structural problems related to the chimney and its components.
• Provide maintenance services for freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, and wood-burning fireplaces.
• Recommend methods that can reduce creosote formation. Creosote is a byproduct of burning pellets and wood that can catch fire.
• Assess the current condition of the chimney and see whether it meets the air standards of the EPA. They also assess whether the chimney meets the clearance requirements and current building codes.
• Install a new chimney that meets the above-mentioned conditions.

The company has CSIA-certified chimney sweep professionals who are also members of the NCSG (National Chimney Sweep Guild).

Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney Sweep Clean offers all the chimney sweep services one can think of. From flashing repairs to waterproofing the chimney, they cover every aspect of the chimney so that homeowners don’t have to think twice before using their chimneys. Here are some of the chimney sweep services they provide:

• Chimney inspection and cleaning
• Chimney liner installation and chimney relining
• Chimney cap installation
• Chimney crown repair
• Pellet or wood stove installation
• Chimney waterproofing
• Chimney video scan
• Chimney flashing repairs
• Fireplace insert installation
• Masonry repair

They also provide a few additional services. Homeowners can call and inquire about the services they need before hiring them.

Working Process of a Chimney Sweep Service

A CSIA-certified chimney sweep professional arrives at the house with various tools and protective gear. He carries ladders, flashlights, and long-handled brushes that make chimney sweep cleaning easier. The professional also comes with a small video recorder that helps him figure out whether the chimney requires Level 2 or Level 3 cleaning. Homeowners should contact a professional after every few months to determine the level of cleaning their chimneys require. Level 1 cleaning is easy and doesn’t require a lot of time.

The professional moves the furniture and fixtures near the chimney before cleaning it. He will wear protective gear that prevents him from accidentally catching fire. Apart from cleaning the chimney with long-handled brushes, he will also vacuum the interiors of the chimney before leaving to make sure there is not even an ounce of dirt, soot, or creosote left.

Why is a Professional Chimney Sweep Essential?

Homeowners who feel that they can clean the chimney alone are taking a big risk. Sometimes, it can be a life risk without their knowing it. They may not be aware of the safety techniques they need to follow while cleaning chimneys. In addition to not knowing about safety measures, they may not have the necessary tools to sweep clean their chimneys and reduce the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. And so, professional help can eliminate those risks as the experts use the best cleaning devices and protective gear.

Chimney Sweep Clean follows the latest 2021 cleaning standards and makes chimneys risk-free. Call them at 410-401-5557 for a quick inspection today.

Also see the location on Google Maps at: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Chimney+Sweep+Clean/@39.3969189,-76.7552089,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xb3f0f08ab0d21cf4!8m2!3d39.3969189!4d-76.7552089

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