Artist & Entrepreneur Syzl Lytnin Drops New Single Repelling Criticisms and Negative Vibes

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Artist & Entrepreneur Syzl Lytnin Drops New Single Repelling Criticisms and Negative Vibes

March 02
08:09 2021
Artist & Entrepreneur Syzl Lytnin Drops New Single Repelling Criticisms and Negative Vibes

Sometimes the best response to criticisms is better left unsaid. Entrepreneur and artist Syzl Lytnin knows this all too well. Over the years, she was criticized for being different, for challenging the status quo. But instead of fighting with words, Syzl preferred to counter negative criticisms with actions.

Syzl Lytnin grew up in the hood. She was often judged for going against the current of her community, to a point where people were laughing at her for having big dreams. But as author Robin S. Sharma said, “If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, your dreams aren’t big enough.” Amid the challenges, Syzl has preserved her vision and works to achieve her goals. 

Syzl Lytnin is the founder and CEO of her own lifestyle brand, where she sells merchandise that represents her as an artist. Her products are reflections of her fierce choices and unique personality, which, in turn, empowers everyone to let their true selves shine through.

Taking her musical career to the next level, Syzl Lytnin has dropped a new single called “H8taBlackaz,” a track that drives off negativity and blocks “H8terz” from tearing her down. It is challenging for anyone to face their critics, but the artist is proudly braving them through her new single. Produced with an upbeat rhythm paired with catchy lyrics, Syzl will surely captivate music lovers across the globe.

With her bold statement, “I am more than a brand, I am a movement, I am a lifestyle,” Syzl Lytnin will undoubtedly reinvigorate the music industry and bring something fresh to the table. The artist is not afraid of being different, especially with her music, and she wants listeners to remember who she is through her new track. “H8taBlackaz”marks the beginning of a promising music career for Syzl, and she ensures the world that this is the start of many more to come.

Syzl Lytnin wants “H8taBlackaz”to encourage listeners to step out of their comfort zones and be comfortable with taking risks. She wants the song to become part of people’s lifestyle, a mantra that gets them through criticisms and negativities. Syzl has a vision of where she wants to be as an artist, and she aims to lift those who have been also laughed at along with her success.

Asked where she aims to be in five years, Syzl Lytnin shared that she wants to be known and celebrated across the globe as a legendary fashion icon, music mogul, and award-winning artist, topping Billboards and receiving Grammys. The artist wants her songs to be number 1 hits and dominate the charts. She also wants to venture further and explore her talents in the film industry as a director. 

“The sun will always come out at the beginning of the day as the moon does at night. If I don’t feel like getting up this week, the sun and moon will still come out regardless of how I am feeling or what I am thinking,” said Syzl Lytnin. “My point is that you have to keep going no matter where, who, or what discourages you. Be the sun and the moon, ladies and gentlemen,” she added.

To learn more about Syzl Lytnin, check out her Instagram and website.

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