MobiusTrend: Apple Glasses and WIMI’s AR+3D Applications in 5G

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MobiusTrend: Apple Glasses and WIMI’s AR+3D Applications in 5G

August 10
12:08 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Apple Glasses and WIMI’s AR+3D Applications in 5G‘. With the official landing of the 5G commercial applications, the AR industry already has the initial standard to serve the C-end.

According to information, Apple is developing the lenses needed for AR glasses on a production line at Foxconn’s factory. Apple’s AR glasses have entered the engineering verification test phase by the end of May this year. In this stage, Apple will produce a large number of lenses for development and testing.

Apple Glasses look like ordinary glasses and should be used with the iPhone. Meanwhile, a new 3D sensor system is applied to its AR function. Apple Glasses are the most wearable new carrier, and it can be linked to which are popular in the market, such as the iPhone, Air Pods, Apple Watch, and software services.

WIMI Hologram Cloud’s holographic system is an exclusive breakthrough in research and development. And WIMI’s AI face technology application is highly praised in this industry. Phones, equipped with WIMI’s facial recognition technology, can use face swiping to unlock. Sound system, equipped with speech recognition and speech recognition technology, can achieve voice interaction.

WIMI’s AI-MBT holographic cloud platform is a high-performance platform, where it is used to provide AR+3D applications for enterprises or individuals. WIMI’s ‘To B’ system mainly provides holographic virtual content and technical support services for companies, such as advertising agencies, entertainment companies, and cinema companies. The ‘To C’ system mainly provides holographic cloud AI-MBTN SDK and its plug-ins for mobile terminal photography and APP applications.

WIMI holographic cloud advertising provides customers with two business models:

1. Customized AR+3D holographic advertising development

2. AR+3D holographic advertising distribution Platform

WIMI Hologram Cloud’s Internet advertising system consists of three parts: smartphone, tablet computer, and AR holographic glasses. Besides, WIMI has a series of operation strategies to maximize the interests of advertisers and media platforms, which has ensured the ecological and sustainable development of its holographic advertising distribution platform.

WIMI opens its API interface to premium customers. Through API interface, media platform can develop customized system functions, including automatic management of advertising resources, advertising resource analysis, and internal system integration.

Besides, WIMI sets up the brand protection mechanism. The powerful analysis and processing function of the AI-BMT DMP data platform enables the media platform to realize the optimal utilization of its advertising space resources. Meanwhile, according to the needs of media platforms themselves, they can block unwanted advertising content and relevant advertisers through the media management platforms, and achieve adequate protection of their own brands.

At present, WIMI advertisements are limited to the interaction between people and environment, and between people and devices. With the development and application of new technologies, human interaction will become a part of the WIMI 3DAR holographic advertising interaction. MR devices, which combine AR and virtual reality, have been produced. It means that people in the future may meet in the game world to generate more interactions. Therefore, the interactive upgrade is an inevitable development trend.

Now, AR smart glasses are widely applied to the B-end field, for example, the industry, medical treatment, and security area. With the iterative upgrading of hardware devices, the accumulation of application cases, and the improvement of public consumer awareness, AR smart glasses will not only be deeply rooted in the B-end market, but also gradually expand to the C-end market and be used in entertainment, education, social interaction, and other aspects.

With the arrival of 5G and AI, the Internet of everything is just around the corner. The accelerated development of visual networking will be conducive to the maturity and upgrading of the AR glasses industry. With the continuous upgrade of intelligent hardware, the AR smart glasses industry will be greeted with a rapid growth in a day.

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