FindDataLab startup launched a new web scraping service option

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FindDataLab startup launched a new web scraping service option

August 10
11:56 2020
FindDataLab startup launched a new web scraping service option has launched a new web scraping service legality check and compliance validation. The community of Internet users appreciated the service as extremely relevant. The service is provided all over the world and allows each business owner to receive clear and timely information on an issue of interest.

The most important thing in the web scraping service is the ability for customers to avoid the risks associated with GDPR, CNIL regulations and LGPD regulations and others.

In you can also find Price tracking service. It is a web service that analyzes data from e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Best Buy, e-Bay and many more. You can then use analytical reports to test your competitive position and optimize your pricing strategy.

The most popular service is and remains “Brand Monitoring” and “Review Tracking”.Online reputation management is a form of service that analyzes data from web sources for keywords. Reputation tracking is similar to what any search engine on the Internet does: a script crawls the web and finds new or historical data related to your brand. This can be absolutely any data, such as reviews, mentions, location maps, ratings, or any other useful information that can affect the appearance of your company on the Internet.

Review monitoring is a specific form of brand tracking that is explicitly designed to analyze data from websites containing reviews, ratings, and mentions of a particular brand, company, or any keyword. There are many use cases for this web scraping service, such as tracking your appearance for quality control and public relations activities, or checking staus competitor brands. Feedback tracking also applies to track your investments. For example, a venture capital fund can track its portfolio startups, or an investor can track different types of securities.

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